Saturday, November 8, 2008

Miley Cyrus says she would have voted for Barack Obama - if she had a vote

Miley Cyrus told reporters that had she been of age and legally entitled to vote in this years Presidential elections, she would probably have voted for Barack Obama. "He has kind eyes and big ears. Reminds me of a dog I once ate" said Miley of Obama. Miley - who is currently promoting her range of 'Hannah Montana as Mrs. Lady President' dolls - is not yet eligible to vote but says that that fact hasn't prevented her from bribing the parents of the kiddies who go to her concerts to vote for the Democratic candidate. "I offered a deal whereby the parents could get free ear plugs at all my shows to prevent hearing me sing shitty songs - but only if they promised to vote Obama", grinned Miley. Apparently the plan has worked with the Democrats giving Miley full credit for getting their man elected.