Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miley Cyrus Plays Secret Word Game With MTV Reporter — Can You Figure It Out?

Interviewing Miley Cyrus is sort of a big deal around these parts. You know why. A hit-making singer, television star, burgeoning movie headliner – she’s done a lot of incredible things for a 15-year-old. Enough things, actually, that it’s easier than you’d think to forget that last part.

But a kid she is, and if you ever forget it again, feel free to see the video of recent interview with her, which have included below. Thing is, she sorta played a little game. OK, fine, she messed, good.

See, before (the guy taking interview)he came in for the interview (which was her second-to-last of the day) some of the Disney publicity team dared her to include random phrases they had picked out in her answers. The more she could get, the higher her score. Of course, he was none the wiser.

“I got two,” she told him after the interview was over, clueing him into the game she was playing. Truth be told, if she hadn’t let him know she was playing a game, he probably never would have figured it out.

Can you? What words do you think Miley threw in there to win the game? I’ll give you a hint: One is intimately connected to one particular answer, hiding in plain sight.

Post your guesses below.

Super Bonus Game: As he told Miley after their interview, “No big deal, I got two too.” And he did. Sort of. He had promised someone close to him that he would try to say a particular thing in the interview as well. And he did, although not nearly as covertly as Miley. his’s more obvious (and provokes a more obvious reaction) but can you spot where he inserted something into a question? Hint: I inserted the same thing in an interview I did with Miley back in February (only he did it better then.)



Sunil said...

I think this all is rumor. Miley cant do this.


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